Hello, my name is Emily Garvin. I am a first year Occupational Therapy major from Bel Air , Maryland. I chose to take this psychology course because it is a requirement for my major, but also because I find psychology fascinating. I have some prior knowledge about psychology because I was enrolled in an AP psychology class in my high school. When I hear the word psychology I think of the mind and how an individual think and perceives their environments. The topics that look the most interesting to me are “how to make memories”, “personality assessment” and “coping with stress”. I find the process of making memories very interesting and I am curious as to how memories are stored and why some aren’t, and some are. Personality assessments are always remarkable you may learn something about yourself that you never knew after completing the assessment. I think that these assessments can really say a lot about a person. Lastly, I would like to learn how to cope with stress in a more efficient manner. I am a student athlete playing sports in both the fall and spring seasons as well as trying to manage my course load. The topics that looked the least interesting to me included “scientific method”, “Chemicals and consciousness”, and “stereotypes and discrimination”. Throughout my years of schooling the scientific method has been taught repetitively multiple different ways. I am not looking forward to learning a new interpretation of it. Chemicals and consciousness could potentially be a tiresome topic because it may require a lot of memorization of chemicals and their effect on consciousness. Finally, I feel as though stereotypes and discrimination may a dull subject because it has been taught in multiple classes that I have taken before. In this case I believe that everyone already has formed opinions on this subject matter making it difficult to learn about stereotypes and discrimination in a different context. One question that I would like answered by the end of the semester is “How is nature different from nurture and which is more important?”.


2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Welcome to the course Emily. We will talk about the nature vs. nurture debate at several points throughout the semester, so you should have a much better understanding by the time the course is over. You must have great time management skills to play a sport both semesters. Which sports do you play? I look forward to seeing you in class.


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